Since the French occupation of Algeria in 1827, Emir Abdul Qadar Al Jazairi resisted and made them suffer long time tales of woe and defeats.

In 1835, Algerian Muslim army lead by Abdul Qadir and sophisticated French army lead by General Trezel met in the “Battle of Macta” in which heroic Muslims defeated the French invaders killing several hundreds of them.

Abdul Qadir attracted the world with his unique genius, because he was just 26 years old back then. He continued unifying lines and resisting against the French invasion. After suffering series of defeats, the French was forced to make a peace treaty with him which they soon violated. Thereafter, General Bugeaud(French Governor General of Algeria) used the “scorched earth policy” and committed the most heinous crimes.

To spare the blood of Algerian Muslims who were burnt alive and and their villages burnt to the ground, Abdul Qadir surrendered himself to the French. After being released from prison, he went to Ottoman Caliph in Istanbul who warmly welcomed him and granded his wish, to live in Damascus where he died in 1883.