“Talking about education, I would like to highlight one of the little known activities of the Al Qaeda and the Arab Mujahid assembly in Afghanistan(During the Taliban rule), that is the educational activity.

Al Qaidah established an institute teaching the Arabic language in Kandahar which proved to be successful project that contributed to efficient communication between the Arabs and the Afghans. It also established a school for the boys in the same city and made an agreement with the Ministry of Education to build a faculty for Islamic Studies in the city and already started building it.

The Arab Mujahid assembly led many educational projects in Kabul too, among them were an institute for the Arabic language, Salah al Din Center for Da’wah and Education (under the supervision of the Mujahid Sheikh ‘Isa) besides a school for boys and another for girls. Most of these two school’s students were Arab but there were a number of Afghans among them too. Those activities and projects were being organized and implemented while the frontline was only 15 kilometers away from Kabul”
-Excerpts from the book “Knights under the Prophet’s Banner” by Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri