While waging Jihad in Afghanistan against Soviets, Abu Abdullah (Usama Bin Ladin) had to travel back to Saudi Arabia and hence he appointed Abu Hajar as Ameer in his absence.

After Abu Abdullah (رحمه الله) left, Sheikh Tameem Adnani(رحمه الله), who was present in the camp, went to Abu Hajar and said, “O Abu Hajar, we want to attack one of the fronts.” Abu Hajar replied that he could not make such a big decision in the absence of Abu Abdullah.

Sheikh Tameem, however, kept on urging him to take the initiative and allow them to set out, until he finally was able to convince him. They prepared themselves, and Sheikh Tameem left with some other brothers. When they were halfway to their destination, Abu Abdullah returned from his trip and asked of Sheikh Tameem’s whereabouts. He was told that he was on an operation and so Abu Abdullah was absolutely flabbergasted and ordered their immediate return.

Abu Hajar contacted Sheikh Tameem on the radio and told, “Abu Abdullah has ordered you to return.” Sheikh Tameem replied, “Tell him that I will not return.” He tried to convince him, but it was of no use. The problem was that if the enemy opened fire, it would be difficult for Sheikh Tameem to escape due to his extreme weight.

So when Sheikh Abu Abdullah heard Sheikh Tameem’s reply, he grabbed hold of the radio and said to him, “Sheikh Tameem, return at once! If you do not, then you will be sinful, for I am your Commander and I am ordering you to return!” As soon as Sheikh Tameem heard the words, “you will be sinful,” and “I am your Commander,” he returned, but he swore that he would not eat or drink until he took part in an operation. Abu Abdullah did not agree to let him participate in an operation, and thus he was unable to eat or drink, so as not to break his promise! After three days had passed without Sheikh Tameem consuming any food or water, he naturally became weak.

Thus, Sheikh Abu Abdullah was compelled to arrange an operation for him, just so he could fulfil his oath! They went to a mountain peak near the enemy posts, and fired a few mortars and machine guns; and so Sheikh Tameem kept his promise!
– “The lofty Mountain” by Abdullah Azzam(رحمه الله)