Dr Ayman al Zawahiri was asked ” Why is it that the Hijab provokes them to such an extent?”

He replied:

“Western civilization is a decadent one. It is an adulterous society devoid of any values, ethics or religion. Is it not a civilization of AIDS? For this reason, when a Muslim woman abides by the Hijab, she exposes all of these faults and (she exposes) how they take advantage of women, using them as objects to attract customers and advertise their products. She exposes the vileness of their capitalism, which regards the trade of lewdness, in all its types and faces, from the most important sources of income. She exposes the deception of their freedom; it’s not a problem for them if a woman exposes her entire body, or even more for her to sell it, but they cannot stand that a Muslim woman observe Hijab.

The Hijab observing Muslim woman exposes the fear the Christian West feels from Muslims practicing the tenets of their religion, for they know that the Muslims were only defeated due to them leaving the tenets of their religion. For this reason, Muslims abiding by the tenets of their religion, something most clearly seen in the issue of Hijab, threatens their very existence, economy and their control of the world”