A Saudi brother, was waging Jihad in Chechnya and did not return for five years. He left his wife and 2 year old son in Saudi Arabia.

His wife sent him a letter just to let him know that they are all feeling well and not to worry about them and to continue in his Jihad. And one of the letter was about thier son, Muhammad. Muhammad was seven years old at that time.

The mother used to give Muhammad one riyal everyday so that when he goes to the school, he would buy sandwiches or candies.

He came one day to his mother and he asked her to look at a box that he used to have. And he said to her, “Look at this, my Mum”. It was more than a hundred riyal. She said, “O my son, where did you get that from?” He said: “I got that from the riyals you used to give me every day.” The mother was very surprised and asked him : “Weren’t you using that to pay for your sandwich, candies and stuff?”

He said: “No, I was saving this in order to buy a ticket and go with my father to do Jihad.”

– Narrated by Abdur Rahman Hijazi