Senior Member of Combating Terrorism Centre at the United States Military Academy and the author of “ Inside Al-Qaeda ”, Rohan Gunaratna stated the following:
“Today, the terrorist threat has moved beyond the individual and the group to an ideology.

Even if bin Laden and his principal strategist Ayman Al Zawahiri are killed or captured, the terrorist threat will not diminish. Even if Al Qaeda is completely destroyed, the terrorist threat will continue. In many ways, Al Qaeda has completed its mission of being the vanguard or spearhead of Islamic movements envisioned by Azzam. Before it dies, it will have inspired a generation of existing groups and shown the way for an emerging generation of them. It is therefore crucial to develop a truly multipronged strategy to fight the multi dimensional character of violent Islamists. Instead of only tactically targeting identifiable terrorist cells, it is essential to prevent the creation of terrorists strategically.

The bloc of nations with staying power in the West must work with the Muslim countries—their governments and non governmental organizations—to target the ideology that is producing the terrorists. It is necessary to send the message that Al Qaeda and its associated groups are not Koran organizations and that they are presenting a corrupt version of Islam by misinterpreting and misrepresenting the Koran and other texts. Only by countering the belief that ‘it is the duty of every good Muslim to wage jihad’ can the existent and emerging terrorist threat be reduced.”