The mass killing of around 500 unarmed civilians in March 1968 at the hands of the American army in Vietnam upon its assault against the May Lai hamlet, which is located in South Vietnam. In the morning of March 16, 1968, soldiers in the Task Force Barker of the 11th Brigade of the American Division received orders to attack an enemy center and to be ready to kill whoever they spot. Upon reaching the destination, the soldiers only found women, children and elderlies doing nothing other than ordinary daily chores. Soon after, a platoon under the command of Lieutenant William Calley arrived and started gathering the inhabitants in execution groups. They killed 357 people in May Lai and 150 more in a nearby village, not to mention those who were raped and mutilated.

The army presented it to the American masses as a glorious victory against the fighters of National Liberation Front (NLF). The true facts were revealed one year following the date of the massacre. The deliberate massacre of the village inhabitants was regarded as such a serious war crime that American commanders of all levels collaborated on covering it up.

This Identical tactics are practiced by the American invading Army currently by massacring civilians and eventually labeling them as terrorists.