Ottoman Navy was once the most feared power in the world that even the first president of America, George Washington paid tribute inorder to be secure from their attacks.

Two American ships were captured by Ottoman Naval fleet in July 1785 and their ransom was set at $60,000. Without a standing navy, much less a navy capable of projecting force across an ocean, the U.S. was forced to pay tribute monies and goods to the Ottomans for the security of its ships and the freedom of its captured citizens.

To the Ottomans, America delivered forty thousand Spanish dollars, thirteen watches of gold, silver & pinsbach, five rings, of which three of diamonds, one of saphire and one with a watch in it, One hundred & forty piques of cloth, and four caftans of brocade.

However, this was an incomplete amount of goods stipulated under the treaty (according to the Pasha of Tripoli, an Ottoman official) and an additional $18,000 had to be paid by the United States of America. It was not until these final goods were delivered that the Pasha of Tripoli(Ottoman official) recognized the Treaty as official.