Salahudheen Ayyubi spared no effort to keep Muslim soldiers alert and awaken their zeal to fight for the sake of Allah. He was always grief stricken, sad and heavy hearted. He ate but little. When asked the reason, he said “How can mirth and food and sleep agreeable to me while Jerusalem is in the hands of Crusaders?” .

His companion, Qadi Ibn shaddad described his state during the crusades saying :

” The occupation of Jerusalem was a great matter that a mountain could not bear. He was like a mother who is bereaved of her child. He rode from one place to another urging the people to Jihad and wandered about places crying, ” Oh for Islam!” and his eyes shed tears. The more he looked at Acre (Place in Israel) and the trials that afflicted the people, the more he urged the people to Jihad . At that time he ate nothing. He drank medicine given by the doctor. I was told by some of his doctors that from Friday until Sunday, he ate only an insignificant amount, because he was so interested in war”