Poetic verses by Shaykh Usama bin Laden(رحمه الله), honouring the heroes who carried out blessed operation on September 11, 2001 in United States of America:
I bear witness that each one of them was sharper than a cutting sword,

Tribute to those who jumped into troubles and made fierce attacks

Huge difference is there between the common people and those who have sold their lives to their lord

They took a smiling look at the death while sword gazed at them frowningly

They turned their chests into shields for the cause of Islam

When the shell of darkness closed, and a wild beast bit us

While our lands were bleeding, and the oppressors were making fierce attacks,

When the shining of spears and neighing of horses have faded from the battlefields,

When the crying was drown out by the sounds of drums and trumpets,

At that moment, they rose like a storm and brought down the enemy’s palaces and told them;

We will never stop attacking you until you pull out of our homes