The population of this country is more than 50 million, including around 20% Muslims who are concentrated in the capital city of Rangoon, the city of Mandalay and the province of Arakan. 70% of the inhabitants are Buddhists and the rest embrace Hinduism, Christianity and other religions. Burma, however, recognizes only a tiny 4% of the Muslims and considers the remaining Muslims as foreigners. Consequently, it works to expel them and neither grants them the country’s nationality nor does it recognizes any rights for them. Hence, they are exposed to attacks by Buddhists, with the support of the government machinery to the extent that they are being killed and forced to emigrate.

The historians mention that Islam entered the country in 788 AD at the time of the Khaleefah Harun al-Rashid, when the Islamic Khilafah was the leading state in the world for many centuries. Islam began to spread throughout Burma, when the Burmese saw its greatness in truth and justice. The Muslims ruled Arakan province for more than three and half centuries, between 1430 AD and 1784 AD.