Hussein Mahmoud Sulayman embarked on a brave attempt to kill Husni Mubarak during his visit to Port Sa’id governorate for a publicity campaign for the referendum of his fourth presidential term.

Husni Mubarak was seated on the right side of the back seat of his car as it passed through the streets of Port Sa’id. While he was waving for the public from his car’s window near one of the houses under construction, hero Hussein jumped over one of the fences and rushed towards his car. He ran behind it as he tried to reach to the window of the adjacent car. He had a bottle of Nitric acid in one hand and a sharp kitchen knife in the other. As he neared the car he threw the acid in the direction of Mubarak and stabbed his upper arm. At the moment, General Ibrahim al Shayib, Commander of the presidential Guard, tried to push the hero and injured his finger. Then the guards shot the heroic brother dead in the spot.

The Muslim Brotherhood seized the opportunity to condemn this assassination attempt! They said:

“Praise be to Allah his excellency is saved !”