“I emphasize to my Mujahideen brothers everywhere that the true victory is to adhere to the Sharia’h of Allah and not relent in implementing it. So the Mujahideen should be most careful to protect the sactity of Muslim’s blood, and that their operations should be according to the true Sharia’h and they should study the aspects of every operation.

The Mujahideen should declare their innocence from every operation that is targeting Muslims in their markets, mosques or their gathering places that is attributed to them, that they had nothing to do with it. Rather we declare our innocence from any operation that is carried out by a Jihad group that did not take in consideration the safety of Muslims.

We have only left our homes and countries and offered our sacrifices to gain the satisfaction of Allah, the victory of his Shari’ah and the rules of his religion”

– Dr Ayman al Zawahiri