After being witness to a horrific American cruise missile attack in Afghanistan which resulted in the murder of some Arab fighters along with their family, Saif al Adil al Misri (High profile Al Qaeda activist) narrates the reaction of his wife regarding the incident.

“My wife welcomed smiling and cheerful (and Allah is a witness over what I say) saying: ‘Did you hear what happened? Sister Umm Ali al-Yafi’i was martyred instantly with her husband. I ask Allah to give me, you and the children martyrdom all together’.

It’s no surprise that this comes from her, for her brother was martyred in 1988, her father is the Shaykh of the Mujahideen Abul Waleed, the first one from the Arabs to arrive in 1979 and the commander of the operation on Khost airport in 1990”

– Taken from “ Sawtul Jihad ” magazine. Issue Number 2 : Sha’ban 1424 AH.