In the raids of New York, Washington and Pensylvannia, the Mujahideen managed to move the battle in to the land of the enemy by an attack of unmatched magnitude in the history of United States. The attack was as stated in the 9/11 commission report, exponentially more powerful and impactful than the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor in World War 1.

Pearl Harbor was a port in the Pacific Ocean, beyond the American continent, whereas 9/11 raids were in the heart of United States, in its very political and economic capitals.
These raids didn’t just destroy a military base, they destroyed U.S military command center, the Pentagon and icon of American economy, World Trade Center. Also the loss suffered by U.S was not just a Military loss, but was and still is a military, economic, political, social and psychological loss.

In Pearl Harbor, U.S managed to restore its dignity after the defeat of Japan. It has been 15 years since the blessed raids now, still America is bleeding both Militarily and economically.

In Pearl Harbor, U.S received blow by an empire that was recognized as one of the great powers of the time. But in the blessed raids, who did it receive the blow from?
– Excerpts from the book, “Knights under the Prophet’s banner” by Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri(حفظه الله)