A Fatwa was issued by Sheikh Yousuf Al Qardawi in response to a question asked regarding the permissibility of Muslim soldier’s involvement in military operations in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries alongside American Armed Forces. In the Fatwa, it says;

“If the Muslim soldiers in the American army could demand to temporarily serve in the back lines during those battles, as to offer subsistence services or similar services, as mentioned in the question, without this causing them or other Muslim Americans any problems, then there is no harm in doing so. But if this was to cause them any kind of harm or embarrassment such as fostering suspicions about their loyalty, causing mistrust, bringing about wrong accusations, affecting the future of their career or raising suspicions about their citizenship, etc. then it is impermissible for them to make such a demand. ”

The American fatwa goes on saying: “In a word, it is, by the will of Allah, permissible for Muslim militants to participate in fighting battles against those who are thought to exercise terrorism, offer refuge to the ones exercising it or grant them training and initiative opportunities in their countries.”

Thus, al Qardawi and his comrades don’t only make it permissible to fight against the Muslims who exercise what they refer to as terrorism, according to their American school of thought, they make it equally permissible to fight those who are thought to exercise it or to help the ones involved in it.