The journalist Mahmud ar Rakaabi narrated a strange discussion that took place between himself and Sayyid Qutb(رحمه الله)at his house before his imprisonment.

Ar Rakaabi recalls, “I said to him, ‘Praise be to Allah upon well being–whatever Allah wills– your health is good, all you need now is a bride?’ So Sayyid laughed very much and said, ‘Which bride are you referring to [in this world or the next?]’ I said, ‘We were created for both of them.’

So we spoke for a while, then he suddenly asked me, ‘Can you interpret dreams? For I had a vision last night that a red snake wrapped itself around me and then tightened itself on me. Then I woke up that hour and couldn’t go back to sleep. I said, ‘My sir! That’s a gift, to be presented to you by one of the believers, wrapped with a red ribbon, and if you wish I will present it to you now, so take it and continue with your sleep.’ He said, ‘Why can’t the interpretation of the dream be that I am the gift presented to the believers?’ I said, ‘Isn’t the existence of the righteous more beneficial for the Islamic Da’wah? He said, ‘Not always. In fact, sometimes their departure is more beneficial! Although, I am not intending my own destruction, but we must intend firmness in our stance, knowing that the firmness in stance can bring about destruction.’ I said, ‘O Man! Don’t be pessimistic like that, for people should aim to be balanced in everything.’ He said: ‘You will come to know.’’
– Fareed, A., Mawaaqif Imaaniyah, p. 265, Dar Taybah ed.3.