In 1688, Peter the Great came to power in Russia and realized the extent of greatness the Russians could earn by occupying the Caucasus. Tsar Catherine II came to power in 1729 and carried on the work begun by Peter the Great. She launched extensive colonization operations towards Muslim countries in the south. Muslims resisted and have been resisting ever since.

The first jihad leader in the Caucasus(Chechniya) who stood in the face of the Russian aggression was Imam Mansour. The moment Imam Mansour heard of the arrival of Russian forces to Northern Caucasus, he went out the village calling the people to jihad against the aggressing Russians. His call was well received by the masses in the Caucasus who rushed to answer the call and united under him.

Imam Mansour succeeded in continuously defeating the Russian forces throughout six years (1785-1791) never letting them occupy a single place in Northern Caucasus.

The Ottoman Caliph later sought the help of Imam Mansour as the Turks were surrounded by the Russians in some fortresses. Imam Mansour hurried to their aid and managed to break the siege. Yet, Hussein Batal Basha, a Turkish leader, surrendered to the Russians and let them into the gates of the Anaba fortress where Imam Mansour and his men were. He, along with his men, put up resistance until he was injured and lost the grip of his sword.

He was imprisoned in 1791 and was transported in chains to Tsar Catherine, who ordered him to be moved in the Shlisselburg prison in Saint Petersburg where he was killed in 1794 upon attacking his guards and stabbing them by a dagger.