Amina Qutb (1909-2007), Sister of Sayid Qutb, was born in Assiut, Egypt. She was known for her unique character and high level of Faith.

Kamal Al Saniniri, (1918-1981) who was imprisoned for his religious activities, met Sayid Qutb in jail and asked for Amina’s hand in marriage. They got married while he was in prison. She supported him and his path and made great effort to be by his side. Yet several years passed and Kamal began to sense Amina’s increasing exhaustion.

He presented to her the option to end the marriage saying: “Never do I want to impede your path to happiness…. But never will I succumb to the oppressor’s will by the permission of Allāh…even if they were to tear me into pieces”

Amina wrote back: “Allow me to be with you on your path…The path of Jihād and paradise, steadfastness and sacrifice, and commitment to the firm ‘Aqīdah (creed) that we dedicated ourselves to without any hesitation or regret.”

After 17 tough years, Sananiri was released in 1973 and had the time to live with Amina for 8 years before he was imprisoned again in 1981. This time, he was brutally tortured and his soul departed, martyred under the severity of the inflicted torment.

After his departure, Amina Qutb wrote the following words:

“Did we not tread the path of truth together?, So that good can return to the barren land;

We had made an agreement to walk together…Then you hurried, responding to the call of departure”