Abdul Hameed Kishk is a prominent Egyptian Islamic preacher known for his fiery Jumaa khutbas and his outspoken stance against injustice and oppression in the Muslim world.

Kishk lost his sight when he was a teenager. Yet that didn’t stop him from seeking knowledge and striving for his religion. He said: “Allah replaced my sight with a heart that glowed with the light of the holy Qur’an”. And he would often quote a line of poetry from Ibn ʿAbbās:

“Allah has taken the light from each of my eyes.

And thus, in their place, there is light in my heart and my mind”

Kishk was pressured, harassed and imprisoned to change his views and conform with the views of the government but he was steadfast upon his belief. He said:

“I swear by Allah, besides whom there is no other God, I will never be pleased with anything but the “pulpit” of Rasul Allah, nor will I ever take anything else as a replacement for it. I have received many telegrams, been offered many high posts, been tempted by numerous proffers, been visited in my home by many officials to offer me high positions, but I prayed to Allah saying: Oh Allah, let me live as an Imam and let me die as an Imam, and take my soul during Sujood as I prostrate in Your hands”

So Allah granted him his wish and he died in Sujood (prostration) on Friday, December 6th, 1996.