With nearly 400$ worth of IEDs (Improvised explosive device), a tough Muslim boxer called Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar gave America a hard punch on April 15, 2013, this time without boxing gloves. The double blast and the aftermath events left 4 people killed and about 264 amputated and injured ‘survivors’.

Even though two consecutive American administrations have spent trillions of dollars since September 11 to make United States a safer place, the Boston bombing clearly shows the failure of the administration’s intelligence and security to achieve such a purpose.

The area around the Whitehouse was put on a lockdown. Flights over central Boston were restricted. The transport of more than 4.5 million citizens was halted. NYC mayor mobilized 1000 members of NYPD for counterterror duties. Multiple Law enforcement agencies went on the highest security alert, whether it be the FBI, the secret service, or ATF. In other words, normal life in the US became paralyzed for some time.

The Battle of Marathon proved that the Persian are not invincible, and the Bombings of the Marathon proved that America can be hit inside its backyard with lone Jihad.