Muslim Spain (Al Andalus) during Ummayyad Caliphate around 1000 A.D

In 711 A.D, Tariq Bin Ziyad entered Spain through the sea. He found the Muslim ranks nervous in the face of the large enemy as his army was considered much smaller in number and force. So he commanded his army men to “burn the ships.”

Tariq delivered a fiery speech to his army saying:

“My Dear brothers, we are here to spread the message of Allah. Now, the enemy is in front of you and the sea behind. You fight for His cause, either you will be victorious or martyred. There is no third choice. All means of escape have been destroyed.”

Afterwards, the Muslim army emerged victorious and conquered Spain. The place where he landed was named Jabal Al-Tariq by the Muslims, later twisted to Gibraltar. That little name is a reminder of glorious past and heroic man who rose to the heights of courage on wings of faith.

Thus began 800 years of glorious Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula.