Burhanuddin Rabbani

Burhanuddin Rabbani was the Internationally recognized former Afghan president during the Taliban rule of Afghanistan despite the fact that his militias hardly had control over 5% of the territory in Afghanistan.

In a TV broadcast known as “Nuqtat Nizaam” on Al-Arabiya channel, he refuted the fact that he and his Northern Alliance entered Kabul on the back of American tanks. He then boasted about them entering the city by their own force.

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), truly said the truth in the hadith:

“Of the words of earlier prophethood which reached the people is – If you feel no shame, then do whatever you wish.”

In one of his poems, Al Mutanabi says:

“And if the coward was once alone in a land,

He would demand a duel (while alone!) and call for a fight”

Rabbani was killed in a self sacrificial bombing at his home in Kabul on 20 September 2011, his 71st birthday.