11 July 1995 – Srebrenica Massacre (More than 8000 Muslims were killed)

The UN security Council passed Resolution 819 which stipulated making Srebrenica a safe area. This was the first instance of a civilian “safe area” being declared in the world. UN forces, headed by the French General, Bernard Janvier, then began disarming the Muslims.

Then, in July 1995, the Serbs, armed to teeth with a diverse range of weapons, came and killed thousands and displaced tens of thousands and violated the honour of Muslim Women in the plain sight of the international forces.

Following that Massacre, demographic transformation occured in Srebrenica. Before the massacre occured, Muslims accounted for more than 80% of the Srebrenica population. After the war, however they were reduced to only 5% and, adding to the conspiracy, the area was given to the Serbs in the Dayton agreement.