“There is no difference in the Shariah between a soldier and civilian. Rather the Shariah divides people into combatant and non- combatant. And the combatant is anyone who helps in the fight with his body, wealth or opinion. According to this criterion, the peoples of the west are combatant, because they have willingly elected their leaders and representatives in the parliaments, who draw up the policies which murder our children, occupy our countries, and plunder our treasures. And they are the ones who pay the taxes which fund these policies, and provide the armies which attack us with troops, backing and support. We are obliged to defend our faith, children and resources.

America and west attack our cities with 7-ton bombs, carpet bombing and chemical weapons, then they demand that we confront them with our light weapons only, That’s not possible.

As they bomb, they will be bombed, and as they kill, they will be killed. The truth, Exalted is he, says,

‘The prohibited month for the prohibited month, and for all things prohibited, there is the law of retaliation. So if anyone attacks you, attack him as he atttacked you’ (2.194)

And the entire world knows that the American army, despite its large amount of equipment is very weak on the ground, and that it’s basic tactic in combat is the bombing which destroys everything and kill the residents, to force it’s enemy to give up. And then they demand that we not strike them in their countries? “