Kenyan Soldiers stand to attention next to the coffins of their comrades who were killed in an attack by Al-Shabaab Movement

In 1980, Kenyan forces raided the district of Garrisa, in the occupied North Eastern Muslim regions of Kenya, and which is inhabited by Muslims from Somalia. The Kenyan forces set fire to the houses of the residents and then began the systematic process of killing the men and raping the women in the district.

Following that, the Kenyan forces then forcefully rounded up more than 3000 residents from the district and detained them in a local primary school, denying them food and drink before massacring them.

Four years later, on 10 February 1984, the Kenyan force descended upon the district of Wajir and arrested more than 5000 Muslim Somali men. The forces took and detained the men at Wagalla airstrip where they denied them food and water for 5 days before executing them all in cold blood and raping most of the defenceless Muslim women in the district.

It’s no surprise that Islamic Fighters kill and detain Kenyan soldiers these days.