Michael Calce

In 2000, a 17 year old high school student named Michael Calce, who went by the online handle Mafiaboy, brought down the websites of Amazon, CNN, Dell, E*Trade, eBay, Fifa and Yahoo!. At the time, Yahoo! was a Multi Billion-dollar business company and the biggest search engine in the world.

According to the initial reports, the economic losses were estimated to be worth 1.7 billion dollars. All of this was achieved with a Pentium III Laptop.

Mafiaboy was the first to demonstrate how accessible this information is to the public and how easily it could be retrieved.

In 2008, Calce released a book entitled “Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It’s Still Broken”, in which he discussed his fascination with computers and learning how to be a hacker.