Daveed Gartenstein Ross

Daveed Gartenstein Ross, American Counter-Terrorism Expert, stated :

“The reason that we’re losing is the economics of the war. I had been researching al Qaeda’s economic strategy for over a year at that point, and that issue of Inspire (Issue 3: Operation Hemorrhage – 2010 Special Operation) made crystal clear the conclusion I had already reached:

Al Qaeda saw grinding down the American economy, and the economy of the United States’s allies, as the path to victory. This was more important to al Qaeda than executing another spectacular attack. And thus, the ink cartridge plot was seen as successful because AQAP(Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula) believed that by getting the bombs onto two passenger planes, they presented the U.S. with a dilemma. As the late AQAP official Anwar Al-Awlaki put it,

‘You either spend billions of dollars to inspect each and every package in the world, or you do nothing and we keep trying again’ “