Former leader of Al Qaeda Organization, Usama bin laden reply to a question mostly asked:

“And here is a problem which is brought up by those with an extreme attachment to means and methods, saying, ‘You advocate emigration. But is it right for all the people to go and leave the country to the disobedient ones and wrongdoers?’ And so on.

I tell them that when the Messenger, (صلى الله عليه وسلم) ordered emigration and it became an individual duty for his companions, with whom Allah was pleased, no one made these baseless excuses or said, ‘How can we leave Mecca to Abu Jahl?’. The people today make these excuses because of their distance from the true conviction and reliance which Allah ordered. And then, when the sufficiency has been reached, when-Allah permitting- a few thousand good, healthy and disciplined young men who love Allah and his messenger go out, we will be the first one to say to the Arabs and Muslims, ‘The sufficiency has been reached’.

Do you know the number which we want, the percentage of Muslims which we want? We want one man from every 100,000 Muslims. Over there they’re shouting and villifying us, saying, ‘Usama wants to empty the country for the unbelievers, wrongdoers and idol kings’ “.