On October 5, 1985, Suleiman Khater, an Egyptian soldier, was serving his duty in Ras Burqa in the Sinai Peninsula. He spotted twelve Israeli intruders who had sneaked into the Egyptian lands without permission and refused to obey or listen to his warnings. As a result, Khater opened fire at them and killed seven of them. Instead of honouring, the Egyptian government sentenced him to life for fulfilling his duty.

During his trial, Suleiman said defiantly: “I do not fear death nor am I intimidated by it. It’s a matter of faith and destiny determined by Allah”.

In January 1986, Khater was found hanged in his cell. The Egyptian government had killed him, then claimed that he had committed suicide.

His brother said: “I raised my brother very well, and I know how faithful and religious he is. He cannot have committed suicide. They killed him in his prison”.

As for the mother of Suleiman, she said after his execution that her son was killed to please “America and Israel”.