Cyber-Jihad has quickly arrived on the scene and will only continue to grow and hyper-evolve. As a well-funded adversary, Cyber-Jihadists can easily outsource the more sophisticated attacks, purchase potent zero days, infiltrate and map networks and exfiltrate and manipulate data from America’s virtually unprotected Internet of Things.

Cyberspace is indeed the new great equalizer, the Internet of Things is the new battlefield, anonymizing tools are the new weapons for stealth, malware is the new air strike, vulnerabilities are the new focus of attack, and robust zero day arsenals are the new symbols of supremacy as the old world order is technologically toppled and supplanted by the new.

ICIT Briefing: The Anatomy of
June 29,2016
Washington D.C.

đź“ťLooking at the Threat and Damage it can cause, Cyber Jihad may even replace weapons of Mass Destruction.