Sayyid Nosair(left) and Meir Kahani

In November 1990, Syed Nusair sets out with his Magnum revolver to a conference hall in a hotel in Manhattan, New York where the Jewish Rabbi Meir Kahani, Founder of Israeli Political Party “Kach” as well as Jewish Defense league was delivering one of his lectures justifying the racial cleansing of Muslims in the land of Palestine.

During the conference, the Egyptian – American, Sayyid Nusair, opened fire on the racist Rabbi killing him on the spot. As he attempted to escape, Sayyid Nusair was shot and captured. He is currently detained at United States Penitentiary, Marion, a federal prison in illinois.

This operation marked a black day in the history of Zionists. Kahane’s funeral was one of the largest in Israel’s history, where approximately 150,000 participated.