The American power is based on four main pillars:

1) Military technology 2) Manpower
3) Media 4) Economy

America has always been distinguished by advanced military equipment, technology and manpower. It is extremely difficult for Jihadi organizations to contest in this arena. This is also applicable in the media and propaganda pillar as the global media is controlled by America.

As for the fourth pillar, the Jihadi organizations consider it the bull’s eye. That’s where they gamble on and build their war policies. This is the economy.

September 11 operation led to the gross loss of about two trillion dollars. The main goal of the operation was a serious economy hemorrhage. The attack was considered the most insulting blow to America’s arrogance. The attempt to provoke America was clear in the operation, rather it was the goal of the operation.

It led them to send boots on the ground instead of steering the war from behind the curtains. Indeed, America entered Afghanistan while its economy was on quicksands with two trillion dollars lost in the near past.