Mashari Al Ashwaq ila Masari Al Ushaaq – By Ibn Nuhas

Abdul Wahid bin Zayd al Basri delivered a speech encouraging jihad as the enemy had attacked a Muslim town, and among the audience was Um Ibrahim Al Hashimeeyah. As Abdul Wahid described the women of Paradise, Um Ibrahim stood up and said to Abdul Wahid:

“You know my son Ibrahim and you know that the nobility of al Basra wish to have him marry one of their daughters and I have not agreed to one of them yet. But I like this girl you described and I would be happy to marry her to my son.”

Umm Ibrahim continued: “I would pay you 10,000 dinars as her dowry and you take him with you in this army.” Abdul Wahid said: “If you do so, that is great success for you and your son.” She then called her son from the audience. He stood up and said: “Yes my mother!” She said: “Are you pleased to marry this girl with the condition of giving your soul to Allah?” He said: “Yes! I am very pleased!”.

Upon their return to the city after battle, Abdul Wahid went to see Um Ibrahim, she asked him “Did Allah accept my gift so I can celebrate or was it rejected so I should cry?” He said: “Allah did accept your gift and your son died as a Shaheed” She then prostrated to thank Allah and said: “Thank you Allah for accepting my gift”.

– Excerpts from “Mashari Al Ashwaq ila Masari Al Ushaaq” written Ibn Nuhas