Dr Ayman Zawahiri : “For other than Allah we will not bow”

General Leader of Al Qaeda Organization, Dr Ayman al Zawahiri in his “Brief messages to the Victorious Ummah, Episode – 5” quotes the following poetry:
Say to America.. For other than Allah we will not bow.

We will strive on the path of Allah.. We will not succumb nor fear.

We will not turn back.. Even if the fearful do.

Those who beg for this world.. And who strive and long.

We will announce it to everyone.. Those who see and hear.

That we are at war with the traitors.. And aids are gathered for them.

Those who steal the bread of their people.. Humiliating or suppressing them.

They prescribe the religion of disbelief.. For it they call and to it they kneel.

Until the Shariah will rule.. To it we call and to it we submit.

We will liberate Masjid Al-Aqsa.. As well as the two Holy lands.

And every country of our nation.. And our prisoners. And we will not be content

With other than a rightly guided Caliphate.. Which will unite us all.

And we will rub the nose of America.. And all those who follow it.

So we compel America to hear us say.. To other than Allah we will not bow.