Mohammed Yusuf Hawwash

Mohammed Yusuf Hawwash was executed alongside Sayyid Qutb during the Nasserite era. So, how was their relationship?

Their relationship probably started after their sentencing in 1955, for he had been given 55 years, and Sayyid Qutb 15; both were released in 1964. They remained throughout this period together, whether in prison or in hospital, so the relationship developed and strengthened, for each of them would find with the other, something he needed, so they would complete each other. Muhammad would benefit from and learn, the thought, culture, knowledge and depth of the shaheed Sayyid, while Sayyid would learn about the history of Ikhwaan, their organization, methodology, and anything related to the jamaa`ah from the shaheed Muhammad, because he had joined before him. And so, they were very attached to each other. Muhammad would say: “Every chapter and every phrase in the books of Ustaadh Sayyid, I know when it was written, what the occasion was, and the discussion about it when it appeared as it did.”

After their martyrdom, the brothers would say: “Indeed it is from the mercy of Allah over these two men, that He chose them both for martyrdom together, otherwise one would not be able to be patient with splitting from the other.”

-Excerpts from the interview with the Wife of Mohammed Yusuf Hawwash