Ayman Hassan says: “The al-Aqsa Massacre took place, and my thinking was to change from just a soldier to a heavier goal; a natural reaction to what is happening to us on the hands of Israelis”

Ayman Hassan, 21 year old Egyptian border Policeman, carried out a daring operation against Israeli soldiers in Eilat on November 25 1990. The operation required intensive physical training as he had to leave his position on the Egyptian side of the border and penetrate 15 kilometers into the Negev Desert carrying his automatic weapon.

Ayman narrates his preparations prior to the operation:

“I used to train daily 15 kilometers running over two stages; one going to a project called Ahmad Osman and carrying a big water gallon, running 7.5 kilometers, and on my way back I would fill the water gallon and would go up the mountain running, another 7.5 kilometers.”

He infiltrated the enemy lines and shot at a Jeep that was used by Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) Intelligence killing two, one of which was a captain in the intelligence of IDF. Hassan, then returned to his ambush awaiting the arrival of the two autobuses that carried soldiers, officers and technicians.

“The first auto bus for technicians and soldiers arrived on the scene. I loaded the gun, came out of my position and opened fire at the first auto bus. Then I saw the second auto bus coming. I shot at the middle and rear side of the bus. Then I shot at the security-related guards sitting at the front and two officers sitting behind them.”

After killing 5 Israelis and injuring around 25 of them, he returned to his post on the Egyptian side.