Al Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem in 1977 and Camp David accords in 1978 followed by the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in March 26, 1979 were momentous events in the history of the Middle East. Muhammad Abd al Ghani al Gamasi, Egypt’s minister of war during the period (in his Memoirs – Page 566), states that:

“Camp David accord was the end of one of the stages of conflict in the Middle East. At the international level, it terminated the conflict between the two greatest powers in favor of the United States. At the Arab level, it led Egypt out of the arena of the Arab – Israeli conflict, which invariably weakened Arab’s stance in the conflict, both politically and militarily. It also granted Israel the freedom to swallow the rest of Palestine and to expand its territory.

The accord and peace treaty gave Israel the most powerful strategic position and put an end to one of the stages of conflict between Egypt and Israel. After the accord had been actualized, security system in the region was changed in a way that makes the United States the main player in the security system of the Middle East.”

Al Gamasi is thus trying to say that the Camp David accord and Peace treaty ensured Israel’s supremacy and marked the start of the age of United States supremacy in Muslim lands.