Ibn Shaykh al Libi

During the Battle of Tora Bora that took place in December 2001, military responsibilities were on his shoulder and he was assigned the task of taking out a large group of Islamic fighters from Tora bora to Pakistani side at a time when cold weather was at its peak and they all were besieged by the enemy from all sides. Al Libi successfully completed the task and brought everyone to safety in Pakistani territory.

Also there in Pakistan, enemy was not able to get control of them until some people from Pakistan betrayed them. Later on, when Pakistani authorities locked al Libi in Kohat jail, he had considerable amount of money which was allocated for the training of his companions. Corrupt officers offered him that if he gives them the money, they will let only him to escape silently and they will not even disclose his name. At that time, al Libi said:

“No! I swear by Allah! I will not leave my brothers alone. It is possible that you take all money and even can take more. But let us all escape”. On that Pakistani officers refused.

In 2006, the United States transferred al-Libi to Libya, where he was imprisoned by the government and finally tortured to death.

Usama bin Laden used to say regarding al Libi: “This man has sacrificed himself for us”