American forces have committed a horrific massacre against Muslims in Yemen after they deployed to a village in al Bayda Province on Jan 29, 2017. As a result, dozens were killed, including a large number of children and women.

President Donald Trump hailed the raid as a success, citing that “important intelligence” was obtained, which he said would “assist the US in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around the world.”

But, the video released by Pentagon (claimed to be seized during the raid) quickly revealed to be decade old Al Qaeda training footage already available online.

“The video clip that was posted and abruptly taken down was one of 25 videos that appeared (published) in 2007,” said Adam Raisman, a senior analyst at SITE group which monitors Jihadist Organizations online. “The only difference was that the Pentagon video had English subtitles added”, he said.

A US Central Command spokesman confirmed that the video was removed from the website because the contents were old.

‘We didn’t want it to appear that we were trying to pass off an old video as a new video,’ spokesman Colonel John Thomas said.