“Oh Stupid judge, are you aware that I learnt about my end,

So, enough I have killed and shall kill, if I live, the rulers by the way of Satan”

– Poetry lines written by Anwar Ukasha and were pronounced by Khalid al Islambouli

Military secularism always claimed respecting Islam. But, secularism seemed to have another definition of respect. It is employing a class of scholars to invoke its praises and justify its actions. Indeed, the court referred to the fatwa of Jad al Haq – mufti of Egypt at the time, then Grand Imam of Al Azhar later on – to justify the slaughter of young Muslim fighters(including Islambouli).

Imam Abdullah ibn Mubarak (رحمه الله) said the truth:

“Who corrupted religion if it’s not Kings

And the Rabbis of evil and its monks”