Former high ranking official within Al Qaeda Organization, Mohamed Hassan Qaid (Abu Yahya al Libi), stated:

“Whoever carries out an individual operation, whether in the US, Britian, France or any other country that is openly waging war against Muslims and oppressing them, must realize that he is in fact participating in the Jihad alongside his Mujahideen brothers. And that his operation, if he hones it and perfects it, is not less important than the operations his brothers undertake in the lands of Jihad that are open.

Furthermore, it may be that a single operation carried out by a single individual in the heart of the Kuffar would be greater in significance, perfection and would be more accurate on the target and its benefit to Islam and the Muslims may be much greater than dozens of other military operations in the lands of Jihad. And because of this, the Kuffar are taking great measures, as is evident from their situation, to keep the battle as far away as possible from their lands- and they are striving with every means available to contain it in the lands of Muslims, whereby they will then be able to live in safety and peace, and this is what we, the Mujahideen,should never allow them accomplish”