Ibn Kathir mentioned that Sayf ad-Din Qutuz once had a dream in which Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to him: “You will rule the lands of Egypt, and you will break the Mongols.” Qutuz had this dream when he was only a child. Indeed, when he grew into a man, he found himself ruling Egypt at the time the Mongols were right next door laying waste to Syria. So, he gathered his troops in Egypt and crushed Mongols at a place called Ayn Jalut (September 3, 1260). The fighting was extreme and intense.

Qutuz was so brave that, as Ibn Kathir described, even when his horse was killed, he remained standing on foot in the middle of the battlefield. The other commanders later asked him: “Why didn’t you just take someone else’s horse? If the enemy saw you, you would’ve been killed, and Islam would have perished because of you!” He replied:

“As for me, I would’ve gone straight to Paradise. As for Islam, it has a Lord Who will never abandon it.”