The Israeli aggression against Palestine wasn’t an aggression by one state or one people, it was an aggression by the Crusader West; and the Zionist movement was its spearhead.

And who can forget the words of Lord Allenby, commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, who, after entering Jerusalem on December 11, 1917, said, “The wars of the Crusaders are now complete.” This is why we must view the battle for Palestine as being a link in the chain of Crusades against the Islamic world in general and Jerusalem in particular.

History has taught us that Palestine is only liberated if a Muslim state is established in Egypt and the Levant; and a Muslim state in Egypt and the Levant will only be established if it rules by Shari’ah, frees itself from vassalage to the Crusader West, rejects normalization of ties with Israel, disbelieves in subservience to international law and legitimacy, and sets upon its soil the state of justice, freedom and mutual consultation.