Dr. Sa’ad al Faqih expresses his opinion regarding the Project of Jihadist organizations:

“The project of the Qaidists (Al Qaeda and it’s affiliates), as deduced from their literature, is the neutralization of America. Of course, they can’t eliminate America: America is a huge and powerful country.

But it can be neutralized and brought to a stage where it can’t influence the world and thus will shrink and withdraw unto itself, upon which the entire west will live in a state of confusion for some time, and during this stage (the stage of confusion in the west), the Qaidists think they will be able to play with the blocs – the blocs of the first stage, because the second stage is a busy and confused one which can’t compensate for the absence of America – they will play with the blocs until they achieve something with which they can confront the west before it reorganizes itself”