Nour Ad-Din Zinki, a Muslim Zengid Sultan, was a devoted enemy of the Crusader presence in the Muslim lands. He was determined to liberate all Muslim lands from the Crusaders and was especially eager about liberating Al Aqsa Masjid that he worked day and night for this mission.

He built a pulpit (Minbar) for Al Aqsa masjid in 564 AH/ 1168 AC, which he planned to take to the masjid upon liberating it. Yet he passed away four years later, before being able to witness his dream come true.

However when Salahudheen Ayyubi conquered the Crusaders and liberated Jerusalem (in 583 AH/ 1187 AC), he shipped Nour Ad-Din Zinki’s Pulpit from Aleppo, where it has waited for twenty years and placed it in Masjid Al Aqsa.