Former high profile activist of Al Qaeda Organization, Abu Ubayda Al Banshiri (Ali Al Rashidi from Egypt):

He used to be a physical trainer for Egyptian police forces and was arrested upon the assassination of Anwar al Sadat. After his release from prison, Abu Ubayda emigrated to Afghanistan and got engaged in Jihad against the Russians and the communists in several fronts. One of his most prominent experiences is his journey to the Panjshir Valley. This journey through mountains and snow which lasted an entire month is the one that earned him his title, beside his participation in the Jaji battles against the Russian forces in 1987.

He took part in the foundation of Al Qaeda since its first days and later on became the right hand of Usama bin Ladin. Dr Ayman al Zawahiri recalls once hearing Usama bin Ladin in Peshawar saying: “Allah has blessed me in coming to the Afghani jihad so that i meet with Abu Ubayda”

He visited many countries in Asia and Africa. In fact, one of his major activities is reviving Jihad in eastern Africa, particularly Somalia. He was almost always traveling, so much that his family literally suffered of his absence.

He was drowned in a ferry accident on Lake Victoria (in Tanzania) in 1996. Due to overload, their passenger ferry had flipped over.