It was not Muslims who willingly and freely embraced secularism and secular systems and laws as the tenets of life in the land of Islam, but the invader who imposed them by the force of arms and fire.

In every single Islamic country where western colonialism managed to impose its authority, it always started by slowly but steadily promoting the management of the state’s affairs, governance of society, and the organization of urban life on the basis of secularism, as the alternative to the Islamic way and uprooting Islamic Shariah and jurisprudence and replacing it with secular man-made laws.

In Algeria and Tunisia, French colonialism replaced Islamic Shariah and laws with the secular man-made law. Britain did the same in Egypt upon its occupation. About this foreign secular invasion of law, Abdullah bin al Nadeem (1845 – 1896) state that “not a single European state entered an oriental country under the name of ‘conquest’ but rather ‘reform and the establishment of urbanization’ “.