Mustafa Setmariam Nasar (Abu Mus’ab Suri)

Mustafa Setmariam Nasar (Abu Mus’ab Suri), in his book “The Global Islamic Resistance Call” states;

“I remember that I held a lecture at a training course for some young cadres in the al Qaida organization. They were selected from among the Arab Mujahidin in the days of the Afghani Jihad in 1989. It had the title:

‘Terrorism is a talent’.

Operational readiness in the field of terrorism is based on three elements:

1. Talent
2. A broad general culture.
3. Acquired skills and preparation.

Talent is the fundament for producing a terrorist who is proficient in his work and performance. From this aspect, talent for terrorism is like talent for poetry, music, painting, and different aspects of the arts, literature and hobbies. The talents, intellectual, practical and others in general are a gift. There are people who possess a disposition and personal qualities for becoming successful terrorists, who are proficient in selecting, planning and executing operations, and understanding their political considerations, how they are regulated by Islamic law and moral rules, etc.”