Dr Ayman (left), Usama bin Laden and Abu Hafs al Misri

Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri holds a Master’s Degree in Surgery. He often helped his fellow companions with their health issues and operated on them under dire circumstances.

He narrates some incidents in his book ‘Knights under the Prophet’s banner’, saying:

“I was their physician in numerous occasions. I participated in treating Abu Ubayda’s (Banshiri) malicious and intense Malarya that almost killed him, if it wasn’t for the care Allah bestowed upon him.”

“I also operated twice on Abu Hafs (al misri). One of these operations was a treatment for his wounds in the Jalalabad battle. He had a penetrating wound in his chest that affected his diaphragm but did not get through the belly. This was caused by a bomb that broke his arm and ribs.”